Trauma & Stress

The Trauma and Stress programme is accredited which implies that the programme meets stringent and internationally accepted norms. It also means that patients and their families have a guarantee of focused, efficient and effective treatment. Programmes run are accredited with most Medical Aids.

The 6-month treatment process is one of only a few available in South Africa. It was developed specifically for trauma victims suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and/or Acute Stress Reaction who are in need of specialized treatment. The programme is run over a 6-month period, starting with an initial 5-day program. The latter is followed by 3-month- and 6-month follow up programmes. These programmes were designed to complement the individual psychiatric- or psychological treatment patients receive from referring health professionals.>The programmes focus on the emotional issues and difficulties brought about by extreme or continuous trauma. It assists the patient to develop alternative perspectives to deal with trauma and to overcome
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the paralyzing effect thereof. It allows the patient to regain control of their lives and happiness.

During the programme the members will:
Explore their emotional discomfort after trauma
Identify the factors that keep them stuck in the typical post traumatic blaming mode.
Be helped to develop and internalize new values and skills to take control of their lives and happiness.
The progress of each member is assessed constantly with the view to:
Determine appropriateness and individual needs.
The possibility of stepping them down from in- to day patient status

The treatment model of choice is Human Modeling. This model of treatment was developed to be safe, culture free and to have the capacity to be used for all age groups, from the age of 8 years and older, provided that the participant can understand the instructions provided. Over a period of 30 years, research has proven it to be highly effective in the treatment of Trauma Stress. Statistics show that 70% of participants who complete the treatment process are found to be symptom free.

Patients are referred to the programme by a medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, other medical professionals or they can be self-referred. An intake assessment is done to determine the individual’s appropriateness for the programme and to make a decision about in-patient or day patient attendance.

The programme is structured to run at predetermined dates. Sessions start at 09h00 until 16h00 on weekdays. Sessions are completed at 12h30 on Fridays. Weekends are excluded.

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