Anger & Conflict Management

The Anger and Conflict Management programme is accredited which implies that the programme meets stringent and internationally accepted norms. It also means that patients and their families have a guarantee of focused, efficient and effective treatment. Programmes run are accredited with most Medical Aids.

The two day anger management programme was developed with the aim of allowing group members an opportunity to:

Explore anger as an emotion
Explore the underlying feelings directing the individual’s anger response
Explore the individual’s existing anger responses and the consequences thereof
Explore more constructive alternatives to deal with conflict situations and feelings of anger more constructively

Patients are referred to the anger management programme by their general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist or by companies or they can be self-referred.

The programme is structured to run during school holidays at predetermined dates. Sessions start at 09h00 until 16h00 on weekdays. Sessions are completed at 12h30 on Fridays. Weekends are excluded.

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