Teens and Adolescents

The Between Teens programme is accredited which implies that the programme meets stringent and internationally accepted norms. It also means that patients and their families have a guarantee of focused, efficient and effective treatment. Programmes run are accredited with most Medical Aids.

A team of healthcare professionals at DMC took a year to develop, assess and refine the Between Teens Programme and implemented it in 2008 with much success. We were dedicated to develop a programme with a clear vision and mission. Our team defines these as: 


Our vision is to be recognized as a core influence, a place for adolescents to use as a canvas to create their own personal work of art, their own identity.

To reflect sound ethical values, offering effective and affordable opportunities for teens to explore their existing behaviour, assisting them to consider constructive alternatives and to facilitate change in a non-judgmental, safe and age appropriate environment.



Our mission is to attract an ever increasing teen population who seeks help in changing their existing behaviour and who needs assistance to make informed choices for their future.

The programme currently runs at pre-determined dates, most often during school holidays and caters for adolescent mood disorders including teens from age 13 years to 19 years of age. The programme can be attended as an in-patient or as a day patient, depending on the treating psychiatrist and psychologist.


In developing the programme we wanted to ensure that the all important tasks of the teen years were catered for. The treatment goals therefore include:

Developing a sense of belonging to a group.
Decreasing feelings of separateness.
Increasing self-confidence.
Enhancing insight.
Increasing self-awareness.
Improving communication and interpersonal contact.
Developing a sense of direction and purpose.

In doing the research while developing the adolescent programme, we realized that teens have a specific way of connecting with information, of engaging in discussions and exploring topics of interest to them. We also realized that teens engage best if they are actively involved and that guided us in our search for a treatment model that could cater for all of these needs.We were fortunate to stumble onto the Human Modeling treatment model originally created by Prof. Wikus Coetzee. We chose it as our treatment model of choice for our

teen programme with results that exceeded our own expectations! 

This treatment approach was developed to be safe, culture free and to have the capacity to be used for all age groups, from the age of 8 years and older, provided that the participants can understand the instructions provided.


Over a period of 30 years, research has proven it to be highly effective in the treatment of Trauma Stress, Depression and various other diagnosis. Statistics show that 70% of participants who complete the treatment process are found to be symptom free.

The Between Teens programme is today offered as a form of specialized group therapy that has been continuously redefined and evaluated by several specialists in their respective fields over the last 5 years. We therefore have a number of strictly-enforced and carefully considered inclusion and exclusion criteria that apply. 

Inclusion Criteria
Mood Disorders
pastedGraphic.pdf Anxiety Disorders
13 – 19 years with age groups carefully organized within each group

Exclusion Criteria

Personality Disorders
Oppositional Defiant Disorders
Conduct Disorders
No family members (siblings, cousins, etc in same group)
Hyper- or hypomania
Acute substance abuse (primary diagnosis)


The programme is structured to run during school holidays at predetermined dates. Sessions start at 09h00 until 16h00 on weekdays. Sessions are completed at 12h30 on Fridays. Weekends are excluded.Contact us for updated Costs