Medical Professionals

Thank you for your interest in DMC Process Management’s expedition into the technological age. As we continue to find new ways of improving our service to our clients, we felt it important to broaden our communication channels with all stakeholders. The philosophy of our programmes is that we compliment the work being done by you, our referring psychologists and psychiatrists. We firmly believe that in order to serve the best interests of our clients, a multi-disciplinary, team approach is necessary. We feel that in order to maximize the benefits of this team approach, regular and on-going communication is of vital importance

We have grasped the opportunities presented by the explosion in popularity of social networks by becoming active on both Facebook and Twitter, and this specific blog is for our referring colleagues, as we attempt to provide ongoing feedback on updates, developments and changes at DMC Process Management. In this respect we thank you for your ongoing support and we hope that this will be one of a number of forums for information-transfer between all stake-holders as we collectively continue to enrich our service to our clients. We encourage and eagerly anticipate your comments.

By means of introduction for our future colleagues and as an overview for our existing colleagues, it may be helpful to introduce our company and our various programmes.
DMC Process Management started in the early 90’s, and has a Hospital Division based in Durban and a Corporate Division based in Johannesburg. The Hospital Division focuses mainly on the development and administration of therapeutic group programmes in various hospitals.
For our existing referring colleagues, you may be most familiar with our Anxiety and Depression programme. We currently run this specialized five-day programme on a weekly basis from three different Behavioural Health Centers, located at Isipingo Hospital, City Hospital and Westville Hospital; although our Westville Behavioural Health Center will be
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closing on the 30 September 2011 as Westville Hospital reorganizes its psychiatric services. Most of our clients attend the programme as in-patients, although both Isipingo and City Hospital Behavioural Health Centers accept clients on an out-patient basis. Most medical schemes cover most or all of the costs of this course, which for the full five days costs about R3350.80, excluding hospital costs.

The goal of the programme is to empower patients to better deal with their problems and illnesses by modifying their belief systems. As mentioned above, the philosophy of this programme is to run in conjunction with the treatment plans of other health care professionals.
During the programme, the patient is lead to:
Explore their emotional discomfort
Identify the factors that keep them stuck in unhappiness
Assist them to find and internalize new values and principles to form the basis for normal functioning.
  The progress of each patient is assessed constantly with a view to:
Determine appropriateness and modify the approach to meet individual
Giving consideration to the possibility of stepping them down from in- to
  day patient status.

As this programme is offered as a form of specialized group therapy that has been continuously redefined and evaluated by numerous specialists in their respective fields over the last 13 years, there are a number of strictly-enforced and carefully considered inclusion and exclusion criteria that apply.

  Inclusion Criteria
Patients 14 years and older, with written consent obtained from the
  parents and especially main medical aid holder
Appropriate diagnosis for each programme
Sufficient funds and appropriate authorization from medical aid
  Exclusion Criteria
Patients younger than 14 years
Psychotic patients
Hyper manic patients
Acute hypomanic episodes
Patients diagnosed with substance abuse – where substance abuse is
  primary concern/diagnosis
Mental Retardation
ECT Patients
Dimentia and Related Illness
Members of same immediate family may not attend same groups
Acute Traumatic Stress Disorder
Acute bereavement or grief


At DMC, we realise the importance of being accountable to our referring colleagues, the medical aid providers, and most importantly to our clients. As a result of this belief we have developed several measures for assessing the effectiveness of our outcomes. As well as the clinical and functional outcomes of the client’s process, DMC uses several assessment measure that are administered before and after completion of the programme.
Listed below are a few evaluations of these pre and post test measures.
These scores indicate that all of the outcomes measured at the Westville Hospital Behavioural Health Centre decreased after completion of the programme. At DMC, we believe passionately in the value of the products we offer, and have the privilege of observing first-hand the empowering and life-changing process that our clients engage in. on a weekly basis. We understand that our role is not to take responsibility for this change, but to use our skills and experience to facilitate their own personal processes.
In this blog we will continue to post updates on the results of these measures as a means of providing on-going feedback for our referring colleagues.


Client Feedback
At DMC Process Management we take the feedback of all role-players with the utmost seriousness and always attempt to give it the consideration it deserves. As far as our clients are concerned, on completion of the programme each client is administered a Confidential Patient Satisfaction Form, where they are given the opportunity to provide their own personal feedback on their experiences of the programme, the efficacy of the programme for them and elements of the programme not to their satisfaction. These forms are monitored on a weekly basis, and then are reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year to attempt to identify common trends. Whilst most of this feedback is
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overwhelmingly positive, we do attempt to take responsibility for the negative feedback that we receive that is within our control to change, and make necessary adjustments to the programme as we continue to strive to deliver a service of excellence. We also attempt to channel constructive feedback from this source to other stake-holders, such as the relevant hospitals or referring professionals. A benefit of a forum such as this blog is that ideas and suggestions can be exchanged from both parties in order to enrich our service delivery to our clients. Any necessary feedback that is provided to us via these forms or word-of-mouth will be included in this blog in the future. Again, we hope that any feedback you receive you will pass on to us, either in this forum or through another of your choice.


Thank you again to our referring colleagues for your continued support and understanding, and for our colleagues we have yet to enter into a professional relationship with yet, we look forward to working with you and having you on the team. We hope our new forays into these technological avenues will enrich our professional relationships, and in doing so improve even further the service we provide to our clients. We look forward to hearing from you. Watch this space!