Anxiety & Depression

The Anxiety and Depression programme is accredited which implies that the programme meets stringent and internationally accepted norms. It also means that patients and their families have a guarantee of focused, efficient and effective treatment. Programmes run are accredited with most Medical Aids.

This is a unique five-day programme aimed at patients in need of additional specialized treatment for depression, anxiety and panic disorders. The programme is designed to run in conjunction with and compliment the treatment plans of other health care professionals.The goal with the programme is to empower patients to better deal with their problems and illnesses by modifying their belief systems.During the programme, the patient is lead to:

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Explore their emotional discomfort
Identify the factors that keep them stuck in unhappiness
Assist them to find and internalize new values and principles to form the basis for normal functioning.
  The progress of each patient is assessed constantly with a view to:
Determine appropriateness and modify the approach to meet individual needs
Giving consideration to the possibility of stepping them down from in- to day patient status.

Patients are assessed on referral from a medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist or other medical professional. The assessment determines the appropriateness of the programme for the patient and whether in-patient or day patient admission is indicated.

The programme is structured to run during school holidays at predetermined dates. Sessions start at 09h00 until 16h00 on weekdays. Sessions are completed at 12h30 on Fridays. Weekends are excluded.

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