DMC Process Management

A warm welcome to you! Thank you for considering us to share in your search for self-discovery. We feel privileged for the opportunity to share our philosophy with you and believe that through these pages we will, together, be able to explore and connect with the value that we, as organizations and individuals, can foster and nurture within ourselves and in others. Our vision is simple, our objective is clear. “Influencing our world to be a better place.” DMC Process Management is a company dedicated to the well-being of the people it serves. As a company we believe that “when you believe in people they can achieve the impossible” and we, through our variety of programmes, serve this philosophy. DMC Process Management has flourished into a multi-faceted organization, serving the interests of corporate as well as clinical clients.

DMC Process Management (Pty) Ltd, as it is known today, evolved since the early and mid 90’s. It’s origin hailed from a psychotherapeutic practice which focused on traditional, individual (mainstream) psychotherapeutic interventions. DMC has grown into a Company that not only acquired a special interest in the field of Training and Development, but actually focuses on the creative and dynamic processes that drive Programme Development and “move” people to connect with their true potential.

DMC Process Management (Pty) Ltd has become a Company with two (2) Divisions:
Corporate Division:
This division, with it’s offices mainly based in Johannesburg, focusses on Training and Development, which includes:
Leadership Development Programmes
  These Programmes are developing and/or co-developing with
specialists and customized to the need of Corporate Clients. The Leadership Development Programmes are
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focused on the development of Emotional Intelligence (EI), the new “Yardstick” of success.

Skills Programmes:

These programmes address specific “soft” skills needed for specific levels within the Company. Leadership DevelopmentSupervisory ManagementMentoring & CoachingAny Strategical Intervention“Team Building” Facilitation  

The Hospital Division’s primary responsibility is to provide hospital based programmes and programme development, focusing mainly on providing specialized group psychotherapeutic treatment programmes at Behavioral Centers. This includes treatment interventions for both psychiatric in- and out patients at specific hospitals. These Treatment Programmes all have a full time multi- disciplinary staff component who mainly facilitate programmes, in close collaboration with the patients’ primary therapist, addressing specific life skills related to either,
Depression and anxiety
Trauma exposure
Anger and Conflict resolution
Adolescent Mood Disorders
These specialized programmes, with clear admission criteria (in order not to contaminate the focus areas of treatment) have been written and developed over the last 13 years by specialized professionals in the treatment fields of the above mentioned areas. The programmes have not only established an accredited (have been fully accredited with COHSASA in the past), reputable and credible track record with its patients and referral base of medical specialists, but especially with healthcare funders (based on
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treatment outcome). The Anxiety & Depression Programme as well as the Trauma Stress Programme have been assessed by different specialists in psychiatry and psychology at different Universities’ Medical faculties to verify treatment philosophy, model and programme content.

The Trauma Stress Programme has also been extensively evaluated by the South African Police Services and has also become an important referral source. Though the Behavioral Health Centers focus on the hospital based treatment programmes, it has also established the same track record with the corporate industry rendering a service specifically to Occupational Health and Safety Departments advising and managing specialized treatment to staff that have been exposed to any stress and trauma related incidents. Keep in mind that all programmes function within a specific treatment model with clear and definite admission criteria, set and structured processes with individual and group treatment goals set against our treatment philosophy and culture to empower the individual to become actively involved in his/her recovery. Managed healthcare no longer accepts mental health treatment approaches to be “clinician driven” and to exclude the patient from active involvement in the therapeutic treatment process. DMC’s treatment philosophy embraces this approach completely. DMC believes that the patient needs to be actively involved in their therapeutic process, become the co-creator of their recovery process and to ultimately accept full responsible for their recovery.

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BEE Status – Level 4 Status

InitialsSurnameDesignationGenderRacePhysically Challenged 

Dr J.P.BosmanDirectorMaleWhite Mrs W.s.BoshoffHead of TreatmentFemaleWhiteDisabled/ParaplegicMrs S.CeleGeneral AssistantFemaleBlack Me N.Q.NgwaneTraining ConsultantFemaleBlack Me J.R.OertelTraining ConsultantFemaleWhite Mr J. SturdeeTraining Consultant MaleWhite   Me. S.BissoonTraining ConsultantFemaleIndian